Trying to set a relationship - custom list

I am trying to do a simple task. Trying to connect two databases as a relationship - Product Catalog and Product Details.

Product Catalog has a custom list database. – When a user clicks on such as “Shoes” – I want it to go directly to the Product Details screen which should adapt on its own.

I have created the magic text, and it works perfectly. However; when trying to adjust in the database in terms of relationship, I assign specific pictures to “Underwear”. But when I test the app, and select “shoes” from the list it still shows the items which the “Underwear” list should be showing.

Hey there, can I suggest that you reorganise your collections?


  • Place all your products here
  • Have fields such as title, description, image, etc.
  • Create a relationship field to a separate collection called “Categories”


  • Here is where you specify underwear, shoes, tops, bottoms

So you can allow users to sort your products according to categories. Your current structure of your database seems a bit off. You can take reference from other eCommerce stores in terms of the structure of your databases.

Hope this helps!

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