My tab bar profile icon doesn't send current (or logged in user) to the profile page

Hey camp,

How do I get my tab bar user button to send logged in user data to the profile screen?

When I click on current user icon (via home>current post) it sends current users data to the profile screen; however, no data gets sent by clicking the icon in the tab bar.

I know a (users>logged in user) list from a float menu can do this but I want the tab button to also do this.


Hi @ascs,

Not sure how your app is set up, but I can expect that “Current user” data is available inside the list on the screen, but not on the screen itself.

Did you check if “Current User” is available on the screen? If not, then there is no direct way to make tab bar icon send this data to another screen (of course you can make custom tab bar with a single item list :slight_smile: )

Best regards, Victor.

hey victor,

i considered those; i tried to make my tab user button a users list but it disappeared (in preview) so that wasn’t going to work.

Profile screen is receiving current user data (below)

Hi @ascs,

I assume you show the “working” state of things?

  1. Does profile receives current user after you link the tab bar, or not?
  2. Which data is available on the original screen (the one from which you’re sending to Profile screen)?


hey @Victor ,

in this instance the profile screen receives ‘current user’ from the home screen by clicking on a posting user’s avatar (available data).

what i’ve decided to do is duplicate profile screen and make one for logged in user (via tab bar icon) and the other for current user.

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Hi @ascs,

So as I can conclude, the “Current user” is NOT available on Home screen itself; it is available in the list of posts, which, in turn, contain posting user’s avatar. That’s the reason Home screen tab bar icon can’t transfer “Current user” to another screen.

Having 2 profile screens sounds like a feasible solution - as there is a possibility that different data needs to be displayed.

Best regards, Victor.

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