Progress bar align bottom edge

Having layout issues.
Am I right in saying the progress bar cannot align on it’s bottom edge to a rectangle, only centre or top? But it will align on it’s bottom edge to text.

Hi @Rozza ,

You mean that you need like this?

Thank you

Screen Recording 2022-05-06 at 15.17.26

Like this. The bottom edge will not lock to the bottom of a rectangle. Text does.

Thanks for looking

You need the progress bar to lock in bottom of the rectangle? I think it’s doing that right or did I understood it incorrectly? :no_mouth:

Quick Preview :

Thanks for persisting. You have confirmed what I thought. The progress bar only snaps to the bottom on the first placement. Anything after that is top or centre only.

Watch your video and on the 2nd and 3rd time the red ‘snap’ line is always along the top.

A peculiar bug!

Thanks for teaming up on it.

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I’ve submitted a ticket.

Incidently, the gif I uploaded is also a real time representation of the lag that I experience in the Adalo editor.

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