Progress bar depends on users

Hi !
We would like to make a progress bar that fills up within the exercices fullfiled by user.
When I do it, the problem is that all the progress bar fills. It is like the progress bar don’t “understand” wich theme is concerned by the exercice completed.

We have 3 db : Users, theme and exercise.

The problem is that in the db user, the exercise completed is notified but in the db exercices, only the count of user is mentionned.

Welcome to the community @Eddy :partying_face:

You want in the progress bar to show logged in user’s progress? You can filter the count for logged in user. This may help : Exercises status (done / not done) - #4 by dilon_perera

Also if you could share your setup with some screenshots or from a video it would be easy for us to identify and give the correct solution.