Adalo Update Trigger

Thank you for your service. I’m Japanese. In Japan, there are no any no-code app as easy and powerful as Adalo . I’m trying to make an app in Adalo which needs to connect Airtable’s database. I need to send data from Adalo’s database data to Airtable.
I would like to do below tasks.

  1. Update data in Adalo’s database ( It dose not make new row but update some columns data in current exists row in Adalo’s database)
  2. Find row matched with updated columns of Adalo’s row in Airtable.
  3. Update data in Airtable’s database ( It dose not need create new row but needs update columns in current exists in Airtable’s row which is matched above the finding task)

I can do task1 but I cannot do task2,3. I read many help center’s articles and many tips but I can’t…

For example

  1. A user updates his profile in Adalo.(I can do this)
  2. The data is send to Airtable’s Database. The task is not needed to make new rows but just update some column in a row which matches current exists his row.(I can do this)
  3. Airtable or Zapier finds row matched with updated columns of Adalo’s row in Airtable that the row has exist yet. ( I cannot do this)
  4. Airtable’s database is updated. ( I cannot do this)

Please help me. Best Regards.

Hi @Yuta_Kakizawa,
In order to perform this, you will need to record in ADALO’s user collection, the Airtable ID of the row for that USER, because when you update DATA in Airtable, the “PUT” request needs the Airtable record ID.

You also need I guess to when user is created in Adalo, it also is created in Airtable? You would have to use some hacks:

  1. Post ADALO User ID into Airtable Using Integromat.
  2. Use in Airtable the formula “record_ID()”. This will give you the Airtable ID.
  3. Record this ID back into ADALO into USers collections using the ADALO ID with Integromat.
  4. So when you update USER in ADALO you use a custom action with a PATCH request to Airtable using that new ID to update also user in Airtable


Airtable formula




Thank you @JL_LJ ! I can do it as your advice.
Thank you so much!