Timer trigger notification

Hi there, I wish to know if there are some way to trigger a push notification in a certain hour of a day.
For example; I want to notify the user that he has an event a day before the event happens…


Hi @MatCas,

Unfortunately, Adalo does not have any backend (server-based) scheduler. This means that if you would like to add any time-based functions to the app, they will work only when the app is open.

Therefore you will have to use 3rd party platform to schedule events and then call Adalo Notifications API to send Push notifications to your users.
There is a video how to implement this on Zapier: https://help.adalo.com/how-to/how-to-send-scheduled-push-notifications.
Also you can use Make / Adastacks / Abracadalo to achieve this result.

You also need to check that your Adalo plan supports Push Notifications API (not sure if this is needed for Zapier but definitely required for Make).

Best regards, Victor.

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