Push Notification still a problem?

I’v done my head in with push notifications. I have seen about 5 videos and read numerous posts on the subject. However I cant get it to work at all. I have an app on android device and also on iOS device. I send a chat and get no notification. I have request permissions in the Home Screen and I got the pop up when installing the app to allow notifications. I have set a trigger on the send button of chat to notify logged in users of the chat. what am I missing… Is there an issue with the system or do other people have this working.

my app’s notifications sometimes don’t work as well, mainly on Android.
But other times they do… it really depends on the build.
I’d love to know what the issue is here.

OK, I fixed my problem … I generated an api key under settings and rebuilt my project on both iOS and android. it all works as expected now. It seems that an api key is needed even though im not using it anywhere.

didn’t you have one already or did you have to regenerate a key?

I didn’t have one and had to generate a key

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Hello everybody!
For me, this is still an unresolved question:

  1. I have a Request Notification assigned to the main screen, but in the installed application I never got a screen with this request.
  2. I have never received a push to my phone, although everything is configured according to all instructions.
    Notifications appear on a separate screen that you can go to, but I never got a push to my phone in sleep mode.
    How to do it? Does this even exist in Adalo?

Do you use the SIGN In with apple/google? I recognize that this can be a problem due the email masking from apple. Not sure if google mask the email as well.

For now I use it only for Android.

But apart from everything else, “Google sign” in still doesn’t work for me. It works in Preview, but not in apk. Therefore, manually sign in through the form.

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