Realtime Push notifications

Hi Team, I am trying to trigger real-time notifications for my app. Please note this is a no signup app and notification should trigger for all users who have the app downloaded on their phones. I have a web app where an item is created using a form that creates an entry in the DB to show up on mobile. on the submit button in the web app, I have used the in adalo feature to trigger a notification that happens to doesn’t work. I have tried going through the documentation but all in vain.

I have been told by the support that push notifs only work with native and not with PWAs.

Anyway, is this something doable via Zapier? or Secondly, creating another admin native app (shared DB) and then use that to trigger notifs, would that work?

Hi Abhishek,

You could only send PN (Push Notifications) in native apps.

Native apps are the following.

  • Apple Testflight
  • Gooogle Play Beta
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store

Hi @James_App_Maker native is even the built apk right? Because triggering notification

Thanks for responding, so that means i have to publish the app on tha play store and download it from there to get the push notifications working?

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