Push Notifications to User Group(s) and Other Complexities

I am wanting to achieve some pretty difficult results with push notifications. I want to be able to have User Groups (Musicians, Singers, Speakers, Sound Techs, etc) and in the push notifications, I want to be able to send push notifications to users only in the group or multiple groups that I select in the push notification dashboard I am creating.

I want to be able to essentially create a dashboard where admins can send push notifications by adding Title, Body, Target App Page/Link When the Notification is Clicked, Target Users (All OR Select User Group(s) such as just Singers, or just Singers AND Speakers.), Send Time (Send now or Scheduled Send with an option to make it recurring by day, week, month(date), month(day, like every 5th Sunday), year) and if at all possible even have somewhere to set Geo Activated notifications.

I will be sending these through Twilio.

Am I absolutely crazy for thinking all this can be done with Adalo? Be honest, do I need to go to another app builder? I have scoured ALL of the documentation there is, all of this is not in there.

P.S. I am willing to PAY if you know how to/already done it but don’t want to give it free.

Hi @joeydoherty,

You may find these videos useful:

These videos will work for “instant” notifications. One-time scheduled notifications require some extension. As an option, you can create a DB Collection with a “waitlist” and then run a scenario once a day to send them (this could be done via Integromat).

Recurring notifications will also require some work. It’s not very difficult (from my experience :slight_smile: ) to create the schedule which repeats every X days. Though more advanced features like “send notification every 5th Sunday” will require more work (at the moment I’m not sure what would be the best way to implement this - may be even use some external calendar server which supports such features by design).

Not sure how Twilio goes into all this - which service you’re going to use?

So, answering your question: it IS possible to do this in Adalo, with the help of some external services like Integromat. But your requirements are pretty complex. Would you like to discuss this in person, please feel free to DM me.

Best regards, Victor.

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