Push Notifications every day

Hi there,
I need help from France :fr:

I want to create a push notification every day at 12:00pm (for exemple) to remind my users to check the daily content.

I tried with the Adalo tutorial but it starts with an action from Adalo App, in my case, any action need to be done.

I tried with Zapier but it can’t send to ALL users, or i need to imagine a loop action or something else…

Do you have created Push Notifications like this ?




Scheduled Push Notifications - YouTube

^Made by adalo hopefully that helps!

Thanks but,
As i said, I’ve already tried it…

It can’t work in my case, because my push notification doesn’t start with an in-app action.

What does your Push Notifications start on?

My last idea was with Zapier, each day at 12:00
Send via Adalo Api Notifications, a push notification

Maybe, we can do something directly in the app…which restarts every day at 12:00 … :face_with_monocle:

In-App Notifications?

Hi @titoufetantho,

No easy solution for you here, sorry :frowning:

You can’t have in-app scheduling in Adalo (unfortunately); there is no server-side scheduler, and if you set up a timer in the app it will stop working when app is closed.

With the Push Notifications API you could send Pushes from outside, but according to official documentation you can’t send it “in bulk”, only one-by-one (to a single address).

So in your case I’d suggest using Integromat, with the following logic:

  • list all records from Adalo, from Users database
  • add Iterator to proceed this records
  • add HTTP request to send Push notification to the user email
  • schedule this action to run once a day.

With a large userbase this could be costly from credits perspective.



Hi Victor,
Thanks for your answer.

I will try your suggestion with Integromat.

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It works!

  • 1/ Adalo connection (using api documentation)
  • 1.1/ Filtrer (in my case) “accept notification = true”
  • 2/ Iterator : get the email
  • 3/ HTTP post with Adalo api/notifications

Thanks :pray:


@titoufetantho congrats! :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind: each day you’ll use 1+2N credits, where N=number of users. Which will convert to 30+60N credits per month.
For 100 users, it will be 6K+ credits. This is beyond free plan.
So, I’d advice to have a look at the Integromat plans to avoid unpleasant surprises :slight_smile:


Great job :clap: @titoufetantho

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Yes, i need to get an other premium plan after Zapier’s one :sweat_smile:

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How much will a notification to all users cost for 1800 users?

Hi @Indigrodigital,

Well, to start with, I’m not really sure Adalo can return 1800 records in one “chunk”.
If it can:

  • 1 operation “Get All” from Adalo
  • 1800 operations in Iterator
  • 1800 operations HTTP POST
    Which makes it 3601 operation.

As for me with such number of users there should be some other way to make notifications…



Just stumbled upon this old post and decided to update.

There is NO NEED to use Iterator module. Get Records has kind of “built-in” iterator - so one can put HTTP module right after it.

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