PWA does not load properly

Whenever I open my PWA it does not load properly and I have to log out and login for it to render.

I have refreshed and reinstalled but same same.

What’s happening guys— any advice?

Can you provide some screenshots of what you are seeing? I’m not sure what you mean by things not being rendered?

I would love to upload a few screenshots but I haven’t interacted with it much since I wrapped up work on it and now it’s not malfunctioning like it was.

However, when it was malfunctioning, what would happen was that the user (me) logs in and navigates as is intended and without logging out and just switch to any other app on my device.

When reinteracting with the app again, after however long, the, presumably, database, would not load the user’s settings so links to the user’s profile would be MIA* and and features that should only be visible under specific situations would be always visible.

MIA (missing in action) = not render*

Same thing was happening to me, still is here and there. So it’s the way adalo’s servers are rendering pwa’s. Example is every so often it auto directs me to edit profile (which is 5th screen in my layout ).

What is the name of the app so I can do some tests?

Are you saying that the app just links you to a screen without you taking any action on your side to go there? I’m certain that is not possible and it sounds as though there is perhaps a screen action that is performing a link action.

If you’re getting auto directed check the screen that you should be directed to originally (before the auto direct happens), there may be a screen action that’s triggering this (drove me nuts too).

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It’s called torch Teamchat

And while you’re at it. Below are screenshots of the user profile. It’s one page that reflects user info/buttons based on logged in user versus current user however, as you can see, it renders differently and the profile image is off, top buttons are too far left/right aligned, etc

Normal (viewing logged in user)

Abnormal (viewing current user)

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