[PWA] Spinning loading wheels that appear when loading data/clicking links

I’m guessing I can’t remove these? I see they act as letting users know data is being loaded, but when clicking on a button or a custom made link, it shows a little spinner on the thing that has been clicked, I think it’s unnecessary to have them show on the button/link. It really kills the UI/UX.

Thoughts or solutions anyone?

You are right @Briggsy . I’m also thinking about that. But I think there is no way to remove that spinner.
:blush: :blush:

Damn! Oh well, I can put up with it. It’s just that it makes the app I’m building look cheap or I’m such a noob that I don’t know how to remove it to make the users experience better for them.

It’s taking away the magic of Adalo in the respect, I am actually the noob they think I am, but I can pretend to my users that I’m a talented developer and behind the curtain, leave all the hard work up to the Adalo dev team lol

Now if they ask “Can you simply remove that loading wheel that appears on button/link clicks” I gotta say no. :neutral_face:

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