Remove Adalo Click Animation

Is there a way to remove the animation Adalo adds every time you touch a clickable component in the app? The little grey circle that radiates from whatever you select. It makes the app have quite a cheap feel in my opinion. Moreover, the constant input of the grey color onto the screen is not very visually pleasing.

Hi Don,

Unfortunately, not at the moment. Even if you built a custom component you wouldn’t be able to remove it (unless you make a button, form, and all the other components in Adalo without the spinning circle) because the loading circle is built into all of the Adalo components, which you can’t access, only Adalo developers.

In my opinion, I think the loading circle is really good for user experience (probably the same thing that the QA & UX Adalo team said). Think about it, if you had a button with no loading circle, and you clicked it and nothing happened, the first thought you would have is that it’s broken, so you would click on it another 30 times vs having a loading circle that tells the user that the backend is processing the action/data and makes sure the user doesn’t think the button is broken.


Okay! Here’s an image of what I’m referring to just to make sure we’re on the same page. I totally agree with you about the loading circle! I’m referring to the little grey circle that radiates out of clickable icons every time you click them.

Oh! That’s what you meant. Idk what that is. You definitely can’t get rid of that. :slight_smile:

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