New Loading Splash Screen from Adalo?

Hey guys,

anyone else noticing this new loading screen that shows up whenever the app is running click actions?
Started noticing it on my latest testflight build … Was there an announcement for this?

I do not really like it, its bad UX for me really

I really dislike this new loading circle, its crashing my app on several pages that use Modal transition …

Hey @Mohammed i reported a couple of bugs with the spinners a couple of days ago. I got notice 20mins ago that some of the bugs/all were fixed. If you could try refresh your editor and try creating another build to see if it fixes the problem for you. If not, I would submit a support ticket, and confirm if it’s crashing on iOS, Android or PWA. Or all three? I have several modals in my App and made a new build and all is working fine my end.

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They had a similar issue last month, i think it was caused by there new update related to improving the speed of the apps.

I just let support know and they had it fixed up. Let them know and then like iAppsNi said, give it another go.

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Thanks! I did refresh as you recommended and created another build. Seems to not be as buggy as before. However, I would have liked it if this specific change was announced previously so we can be ready for it. I do not like the way its done or the fact that we cannot edit the spinner look/feel. It affects the UX of our app and makes it look out of place completely. Its also big in size and low in res…

Yes I agree with you. I think these changes were part of the instant navigation feature announced a short time ago but it was pulled quite quickly after it was launched due to a few bugs including duplication of records from one screen to another.

Adalo have got better at announcing improvements and bug fixes though I agree some are being fixed in the background and not necessarily making it to this board. Changelog | Adalo

I agree it would be great to have the option to customise these spinners for sure.