QR Scanner from 2 different App users

So a bit confused about the QR scanner. When scanning it creates a collection RSVP entry:
If I am User 1 and I have a screen with:

Event Participant Screen

  1. QR Code with Email
  2. Input text - Name
  3. Input Text - Quantity

And User 2
Event Organizer

  1. Scanner

When scanning it creates an RSVP register in the collection, but will it only pass the Encoded data of the scanner to the “Create RSVP register” or also the input text fields will pass automatically to that screen? Thank you.

Hi @JL_LJ ,

Not sure if I got your question correctly - but the rule is: QR code scanner will return only information which is contained in the QR code.
So if you have a screen with QR code and some additional text info - scanner will not get this additional text info.
Of course, after getting data from QR code you can somehow use it to find the other info which is stored somewhere :slight_smile: For example, if you get User email from QR code, then you can create a list filter based on this email, and display other user info in this list.

Best regards, Victor.

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Hi Victor,
I figured it out :), I just created a unique ID per user and that is it, works better than email, since user can change email from time to time. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: .


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