Identification number/badge

is there any way that you can distribute like a user id number and a qr code for each user?

my app will eventually be connected to locations and if they have a member ship they will be able to sign in with their number or qr code?

kinda more on the side of distributing like a badge at work or cutomer id number

Here is what I’m working on. It’s far from complete, but pretty much what you’re looking for.

I use the user profile screen as the member ID. Each member (user) has an ID number, and the profile screen has a field which displays a QR code of that number. If you point your iPhone camera at the QR code in this screen shot, it will display the ID number (in this case “0”).

To avail of services in my club, the member will present their profile screen, which we will scan with a QR code reader in our employees version of the app.

That will display the member’s details on our screen, and allow us to record their use of our services. For example, if the member wanted to borrow an item, scanning their QR code and then scanning the QR code on the item would create a record of which member borrowed which item.

To set this up, I added a “member ID” field to the users collection. I’m using simple sequential member numbers for now, but there are reasons why this may not be the best approach.

I also installed a custom QR code generator component, and added that field to the users collection as well. The generator turns the member ID number into a QR code and displays it on the screen.

I also added an expiration date field in the users collection. That date is displayed on the profile screen. If the date is current, it displays in white (on my navy blue background). If the expiration date is approaching, the date displays in yellow, and if the date is expired, it displays in red.

My employees app is a little different. It has a QR code reader instead of a generator, and it allows the employ to record the member’s activities, update a member’s status, etc.

For those members who are not tech savvy, I can also issue a physical membership card with their membership number, QR code, etc. My employees can still scan the code on that physical card as well.

I’m still building both apps, but I think it gives you a place to start.

yes! what i am aiming for. i will definitely read through. awesome!

but you did have to make two apps correct. kinda like how uber has an app for the driver and the uber user.

or with uber eats the driver has an app the user has an app and the store has an app. there has to be three apps built correct?

and how did you connect the data bases from the two apps ?

You could do it all with only one app, but it starts to become overly complex. You end up having to create visibility rules that allow certain screens to be visible only to certain people.

For example, the screen that contains the QR code reader, which verifies that a user is current and allowed to avail of services, should only be visible to an employee. Regular users don’t need to see that screen.

So, instead, I just built a separate app for my employees. This app is much more simple, and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the main app has.

To build the second app (the one for employees), I copied the original app. When you copy an app, Adalo gives you the choice to let the new app share the database with the app you’re copying. Once I copied it, I deleted most of the screens and started building the new functionality. This way the database is fully shared. Functions in the new app are not available in the original one (and vice versa), but changes to the database in one app are also visible when using the other app. This is because there is only 1 database.

For example, if you edit a user in one app, the change is also visible in the other app.

yelp i follow. thank you new to adalo but loving how it does a lot that helps the designer. thank you so much. exactly the information i was inquiring about.

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