Question about In-app purchase

My company is a membership club, and we charge a monthly membership fee to join.

My app will always be free to use, but some of the features will only be available to paying members.

Once I make the app available on the iOS App Store, and if I allow users to join the club (and pay the membership fee) through the app, will this be considered an “in-app purchase”? And if so, will Apple take a commission on that purchase?

I’m not actually giving the paying user any extra features on the app. I’m just using the app to manage the services we provide in our physical store. For example, a paying member can borrow tools in our store. The catalog of available tools will be visible on the app, and the member will be able to reserve a tool through the app, but the member will still have to physically come in to the store to check out the tool.

Will I have to share my revenue with Apple?

Yes. It’s an in-app purchase.

I actually don’t think this would be considered an in-app purchase. Since the service they are purchasing is a physical service. So you should be able to use the Stripe subscription component vs the IAP. You will need to make it very clear in the app a physical service is being purchased, and possibly add some notes for Ape when submitting for approval.


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