Questions about notifications

Just started today, and got two questions:
(1) Can’t tell why, but when I try to go to Zappier and set up the email in the json file, it doesn’t populate recipients → notifications, even that when a scheduled notification gets created successfully in the table, it also successfully populates the User db.
Screenshots of my set up attached.

(2) According to the documentation, it is not possible to test notifications prior to a first build that gets created, and a build can’t get created before buying a Premium license. So - to test that notifications actually work and can do what I want them to do - I need to upgrade to Premium, or at least this is how I understand the documentation. Could somebody confirm?

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Ideas anyone? Feeling stuck

Hi @ido !

First of all, welcome to the forum. To answer summarily:

1.) I believe that in order for Zapier to populate the data about the notifications recipient there must be data present in the test that you ran. In your screenshots, it looks like there are no receipients for these notifications.
2.) This is correct. You can test notifications in Testflight but in order to push your Adalo App into Testflight (and publishing) you will need a Paid plan of Adalo.

Related, but you may be interested: I developed a service called Adastacks that you can use to send Scheduled Notifications for way cheaper than Zapier. Just thought I would shamelessly plug it here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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