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Hi guys. I’m new and I decided to try to make a Quiz like “Who wants to be a millionaire”. I’ve read all the Quiz threads and watched a lot of videos but can’t figure out how to do it.
So, I have a:

Questions of different levels of difficulty (for example, imagine that there is only one level so far). For them, I created a date collection with the Question Text and Question ID fields.
Answers - 4 options for each question, one of which is correct. For them, I created a collection with fields: Answer Text, Answer ID, Answer True/False.

Each level has a set of questions that must be displayed randomly, while each question must correspond to a certain set of answers, for example, a question with ID 1 corresponds to four answers with ID 1, etc. After clicking on the answer cell, it changes color depending on whether the answer is correct or not. After that, the button for moving to a new screen / level becomes available.

I installed the Random Picker plugin but I can’t figure out how to make it so that after clicking on the plugin button, the user gets to the next screen, which displays a question and a list of answers in accordance with the generated plugin ID. For example, the plugin generated the number 4, so the next screen displays a question with ID4 and four answers with ID4.

I would be grateful if you could help me.

Hi @AndrewV,

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You need something like this? : My First App In Adalo - Quizzy ( seling it too here : )

Seems like you need the same thing but with some modifies!

To get started this post will help you! : Made a Quiz app prototype, but can't keep the score - #2 by dilon_perera

Thank you

Thanks Dilon, this is a good video and it helps. So far, I have repeated it in my project and will try to change it to suit my tasks in the near future. Probably I will have questions and I will return to this topic.
For now, I’ve added another Action to the OK button (on final screen) - “Delete Current Attempt” because otherwise the Attempts database will quickly fill up.

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Hi again. Here’s the quiz I came up with. (At the moment it has 2 levels, each level has 2 questions that are displayed randomly).

I would like the rectangle with the answer option that the user has chosen to change its color. To do this, I created a column in the database of the current game (attempt) of type True / False with the name “Response received”. When the user clicks on one of the answer options, that column is marked as “True”. Next, for the rectangle in the list of answers, I set the visibility in the case when the column “Response received” is set to “true”. However, for some reason this causes the entire list of answers not to be displayed. I assumed that this is a feature of Adalo - if visibility is set to “Sometimes” for one of the list items, then the rest of the list items will be visible only sometimes. Or I’m wrong?
Do you have any thoughts on how to solve this problem?

Looks great @AndrewV!

Something like this? : PopQuiz ( clonable too )

Yes, thanks, I cloned and I see that it is quite complicated, but I will try to figure it out.

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It’s like the true/false option but using a text property here! If you can’t figure it out let me know!

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I do not quite understand the logic of your application - there are a lot of nested groups and lists.

Here is my guess to achieve the task at hand (in short):

  1. create four rectangles of the desired color
  2. place each of them behind the corresponding rectangle in the list of answers.
  3. for each rectangle, set the visibility according to the click on the corresponding answer.

For example, the user clicks on answer 1 (top row on the left) and this makes visible the rectangle in the top row on the left that is behind the box with the answer.

The problem is that the location and size of the rectangles change for unknown reasons when previewing. Here is a short test (cloneable). If you can look and you will understand what I mean.

Check this : 123

Add a rectangle behind the two groups and add another in the middle!

In the preview, the location of the rectangles is still different from the location in the development window.
They are not displayed in 2 rows as they should.

Did you add a rectangle to the middle?

Here’s my preview :

In the develop window we have 4 rectangles: 1 - top row on the left, 2 - top row on the right, 3 - bottom row on the left, 4 - bottom row on the right. In the preview window, the rectangles from the bottom row are displayed in place of the rectangles from the top row.

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