Quota apps - how to link Calendar date to corresponding data "daily Quota"

I am an beginning adalo user. I have an idea to use “Calendar” as first page. Click on “date” and point to corresponding quota. Would someone could get me a suggestion how to do that ?

On home page, I add “Calendar” component. I added a new page with “info”, “list”. but it seems I miss an action step to trigger Calendar point to corresponding quota page. Would any suggestion how to do that ?

Hi @mredwardyuen,

In the Calendar add a link action to the Info screen

and then you can add components and show the that Current Quota data. Like show that quota adding a text component and adding Current Quota>Quota from magic text.

Thank you

thank you for your quick reply. Let me practice it now.

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I made a link from Calendar to Info screen. but it goes to daily agenda, not go to info screen.

I sort it out. I need to add 2 Fields - “Start Date” & “End Date” date field. Date format need “Date + time” also. It cannot be “Date” only.

When that event or like item doesn’t have a date then it goes to the Agenda View. You can add Two Date properties like start and end and add them there and after adding them from magic text click and format it as Date. ( Change it to Relative to Date )

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