Set Up Sample Data at Sign Up?

Is it possible to load a database with sample data at the time users sign up? I can do it with the USER database but what I’m wondering would it be possible to, say, add a couple sample quotes and pics to a Random Quote database so that new users have an idea of what a functioning app looks like?

Hi @DaBoo,

You mean users has to add them after Signup or add them automatically after Signup and show them that quotes are adding?

Thank you

That’s right, after or during. I’d like to fill a couple items in a list so that the user knows what it looks like.

Hi @DaBoo ,
If the data does not need to have a relationship with the user, after they sign up, you can forward to a “instructional” screen, where there is a list where you just show a random quote and pictures from there. The list is created using a collection as the sample data or just the real collection.

  • Whenever User enters that next screen a random number is generated in a input text field that will list randomly that quote.

You can check this video, I made, principle is same, you just don’t need the button, because when entering screen, the random number is automatically generated.

Generating random item in Adalo collection - YouTube

Something like this?

( Or you can have one countdown and use MAKE with the Router module to add 5 or more than 5 records at once to the Quotes collection! )

Or something like this?

Thanks guys, that gives me a lot to think about.

@JL_LJ I would want them to be logged in USER data so that’s what makes it difficult.

@dilon_perera: I think the approach of having two separate lists, one already in place, with visibility toggled somehow and one USER generated looks easiest. I’ll have a go at that.

That is fine, I also have a case like that, where when users sign-up for first time, they will be redirected to a couple of screens for an initital setup.

I used this method in signup:

  1. User create - It creates the user with the data inserted in the Input fields (Name, password, email)
  2. User Update - Not needed for you
  3. Log In - self explanatory
  4. Links the user to an initial home screen


So in your case, it would be like I mentioned, this home, would be the screen where the user would “land” and the random quotes, data from the collection would be then generated. The IDs need to be added to the quotes collection(s) in order to be able to generate the randomness when entering screen.

If your quotes live outside a collection in an API, then Dilon’s way is the way to go.

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This is the kind of thing I was wondering about, @JL_LJ. Would the USER enter the data him/herself on this HOME screen or would the data somehow be tagged with the USER ID in the Quotes collection?

But does the user need to be connected to the quotes collection? Do different Users have associated different quotes?

Because random quote can be generated just by entering a screen, there is no need to associate a user unless you want only that user to have that quote or to have the collection relationship.

@JL_LJ: It’s actually not a quotes collection, I just used that as an example as it’s easy for everyone to visualize. Yes, different Users would have associated different data.

I want new users to go to the screen in question, see the data so that they can easily see what’s expected, delete the data if they want and add their own. @dilon_perera’s idea of two discrete lists, one with sample data that can be toggled off [visibility-wise] by a click or two sounds like the easiest to implement.

I was hoping I could load some data in the ‘not-randon-quotes’ collection at the time of USER creation that the User could go on to delete after viewing but that does not seem possible.

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