Randomizing a list

Hello! Do you have any idea how I could implement randomization of the list of posts in a social media application? Did anyone do that?

Hi @alexbarciog,
Could you provide more details? You want to have a collection of posts, and there is a random selection to post them correct?

From top of my head, I would index the posts whenever one is created and then use a random formula with min and max value of index to choose one random value (between first and last post created) and then use that number to filter the list to show only that post.

I have a list of posts, just like on instagram and I would like the posts to be sorted randomly.

Well to randomize one from a list:

I would the following:

Index the list where each post has an individual number (Unique identifier)
set a field that gives you a random number between the min and max number of the posts index but returns 1 number only

Set your list to filter your post according to that number

“Formula” is just the field where you calculated like this:

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