Stars rating It only works with the users collection

I am testing the new components and I am very interested in the star rating.

I can’t get it to work properly.

For example, if I want to allow users to rate let’s say a video, I create a collection of videos and within a numerical property that would be the user’s evaluation.

But it doesn’t allow me to connect the component to this collection to save the score that a user assigns to the video.

The only thing I can do is create a numerical property within the users collection and there it is able to save the valuation.

But this does not work for what I want is to rate each video.

Someone got it to work?

Same results here, works fine on a Worker collection Direct Number property.
…wont work for a relationship in User collection to another collection… as far as I could set it.

Hmm that appears to be the case for me too. I will check in with the team later on how this functionality can be adapted to meet this use case.

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The same goes for other components like the progress bar, these components make almost no sense :man_shrugging:t5:

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I made a mistake on my previous post. The same mistake that everyone here I think is making too.

Please remember that the only data available on the Home screen of an app is logged in user. These components need to be on a different screen in order to be able to change a collection. Please see image below which demonstrates that this star rating component is changing the rating of a video collection list.

Interesting, I think it’s the mistake I was making, I’m going to try it but you’re right: D

Thank you

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