Real time Chat Pragmaflow Bug

I use the Real Time Chat of pragmaflow for the increased time. The problem that arises is that the app crashes when I click on a list that takes me to the page with the component. In the PWA everything works but native does not. I have rebuilt it again. Unfortunately without success. The app crashes. In my old apps it works. Can it be that in Native App build something new was published by adalo and that’s why the app crashes?

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Can anyone Help me?

It also works for iOS! Only with Android not!

Did it used to work before for you on Android?

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Yes but in a different app.

In my current app it works on iOS only on Android the app crashes

Does it work for you?

Support of Adalo say this:

Thanks for reaching out and I am sorry you are facing this issue,

Currently, the support for 3rd Party Developer components is being offered directly from the Component developer. So in this case, as this component was developed by Pragma Flow, my recommendation will be to reach out to them so they will be able to further help you with this issue.

Support has not even been able to help me yet…I am disappointed

I need Help!

It seems pragma flow stopped supporting their components. A few stopped working correctly. I would not use anything from pragma flow until they reappear with support.

Did you figure this out @MichaelApp ?
I’m now running into the same problem on native Android.

@Mitch-Pragmaflow is this bug known to you?

Seems to be somehow related to the Android version.
Version 10 is running fine for me. But I’m getting reports from users on Android 11 & 12 where the app crashes on opening the screen on which the realtime chat component is installed.

It runs again, why all of a sudden I do not know

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We’re aware of a bugs with the chat.

We’re working on a more permanent fix, but it’s going to take longer. Ultimately, it’s going to be worth it.


Hi @MichaelApp @Mitch-Pragmaflow ,

Thanks for getting back! Good to know that you’re working on a permanent fix. In the meantime I’ll fallback to my ‘old’ chat. Good luck and thanks for all the work!

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Hi! First of all thanks for all that Pragmaflow does for the community! Your components are awesome!

I have a little question and it is crucial for me, hope you can help!

It is related to Adalo Javascript Component.

How can I navigate to certain Page in Adalo app using JS code or how can I change the variable (Magic Text) using JS code.

I would be very thankful if you could write a code example in js to perform those actions (if it is possible). That would save my life!

Thanks in advance!

Have a look here:

This is how to use the JS component to:

  • get url parameters
  • perform conditional actions based on js result
  • populate an input (I would probably use this to indirectly change a variable)
  • load a list based on that input

In terms of navigating to a page, that would be a bit harder. It would also likely be different on native and web, I haven’t done that yet, but our deep linking component should be a help.

Past that point, I recommend learning some js basics. If you look into document / DOM structure basics, it will help you understand the many possibilities and how they work.

The video above uses the window object.

Read the two links below. Once you understand how to reference the current environment (window etc) you will be able to solve many of these questions.

(in chrome) hit f12 and try a few of the commands below in your console:

  • See Finding HTML Objects

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