Really need help for this - Creating order problem

Ok thanks! I will delete it!

The problem here is that on all your “image view” screens the “current merch data” is missing.

I will delete those screens can you check again then if it is working?

It’s not. What buttons go to the image view screens?

Now it is fixed.

Can u check again?

sure, i’ll try :slight_smile: one second

Thanks man! I hope so that u will fix this

I really don’t know how to fix this because from the beginning it’s all messed up.

But, I can tell you two things.

  1. the “dodaj u korpu” custom list won’t work with adding it to the order, you need a regular button

  2. I would create a new app for the food truck template and see the structure of the database.

Thanks for the help. I will try to find solution for this. I can not start now from beggining, because I lost so many hours to make this… But thanks man!!!

No problem! It’s very hard to fix something if the database is not structured correctly and everything else is not setup correctly.

Good luck with your app! :wink:

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You mean on this one template?

Yes, see the structure of the database and incorporate it into your app.

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Btw I fixed my old, I didnt use food truck, so app is working now :grinning:

Sounds good! :slight_smile: Good luck with it!

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Thanks man u really helped me :grinning:

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To add to what @James_App_Maker has already provided, you might find this useful

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Thanks. Now I have another problem. When user add to cart and make order it is working well, but when user add multiple items in cart it is not showing me like he bought it is just in cart. I made colection cart+collection order and when user add to cart it is creating cart and order, and on the and when user click order now, I put true false to know was that order or just add to cart, and it is showing me only when is one order, but when is there multiple items true false for order is not working.

Hi, I’m having the same problem you were facing creating the order.
I started with the same clone (Ecommerce App template Clone Ecommerce App to Jumpstart Your No Code App ) but the template it’s not very useful because it doesn’t create the order, just cart items.
After PAY NOW button, there’s an UPDATE order action, instead of a CREATE order action.

The the most interesting and useful thing would have been to see how it turns all the items in the cart into order items! I don’t think it’s possible to do it without the help of external services…

Anyway, the main problem that I found on your video and screenshot is that you didn’t fill the user field while creating the order.

Did you finally solved it and how?

I would change how that DB is structured. Personally, I wouldn’t use a cart. I know it’s traditional for ecommerce to have it and it would be nice to have users return and see all the items in the cart.

What I would do is when the user selects an item, add it to a draft or unpaid order (you can have an order status field and a binary paid field). When they check out, simply update the order status.

Note: you can take all the items from the cart to an order using a bulk action with a timer. There’s a lot of materials already about there for this - Bulk operations and Timer Tricks, part 3: mass update for the records

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Hi @Erik that’s exactly what I’ve done in the meantime (using Orders collection with a status field).

Thank you for the link! :wink: