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I am trying to make the creation of this list made by the user, in this case a request, be sent to this screen, I have already tried to create a database just for notices, I tried to use the recipient database itself, however, in practice when the click and done to trigger the notification action doesn’t happen for any reason. Does anyone know how to solve this, I’ve tried thousands of solutions and it doesn’t work, something that seems to be simple and I’m not managing to do it.

Hi @Trov,

Push notifications work only for native apps (i.e. you have to build the app at least once and have it in Testflight / APK).

Best regards, Victor.

I did not understand those specifications you said. The notifications to appear on the screen does not work that simple? Do you have to have these requirements? I didn’t quite understand your answer.

what I want to do is the simplest part, which is that the notification appears on the screen. The filter part for those who send everything is solved, just this part that does not want to work.

Hi @Trov,

Notifications via “Trigger notifications” actions work only for the native apps - ones which you build and install on the mobile phone.

You need to build the app first and install it on your Android or iOS device, and then you can receive push notifications.

For the “Progressive Web Apps” (PWAs) push notifications are not available.
As I can see you’re on the “free” plan of Adalo, and this plan does not allow to build native apps.


Now I understand, but can I still leave the entire notification system programmed in practice? Then when I have the paid plan it will work? because now it is programmed, it’s just not working at the time of testing, but when it’s on the paid plan it will work, right?

Hi @Trov,

Of course, you can leave the whole system in place, and then test it later on.
Will it work or not - you need to test, if you implemented it correctly :slight_smile:

By the way, there is 14-days trial with the paid plan functionality, I think that notifications should work there.
Also please keep in mind that in order to build native apps, you need to subscribe for Google and/or Apple developers’ programs (which also cost some money - you pay to Google/Apple).

Best regards, Victor.

I understand, this subscription on Google and Apple would be to publish the application on their platform, right?

Yes, this is correct.


Okay, thanks for your attention :wink:

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