Record, dial & play message

Hi everyone! I’m new here and don’t know anything about building an app yet, but do have a question I can’t find an answer to.

I need to build an app that will allow the user to record a voice message. Then have a timer that has a button that will start the countdown over every time it is pushed and if the timer expires before the button is tapped the app will dial a pre entered phone number(s) and play the message to whoever answers the phone.

Does anyone know if this something that can be done with Adalo? Or will this require someone that knows how to write code?

You will need to use a third party service to continue running this in the case that a user closes the app.
Between zapier or integromat and twilio it may be possible. Search for other outbound call APIs too.

I would use Adalo to store the recorded message and create the necessary user records and track button clicks.

Rely on Integromat to calculate if the button has been clicked or not, then initiate a twilio call and serve the recording.

Thank you for the help Rozza. It is very much appreciated!

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