Recurring in-app purchases


I am creating a meditation app and I would users to pay for a monthly subscription. I saw on this video New Feature | In-App Purchases for Single Purchases - YouTube that in-app purchases are possible, but not a recurring way right? Meaning my users can only subscribe for a month, and then subscribe again?

Thank you in advance

Hey there @gary

PragmaFlow has a component for in-app subscriptions via IAPHUB.


Awesome thanks a lot! I guess it works well and it is free right?

Many thanks again

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Yeah. It’s free

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Component itself is free. But IAPHUB costs $29/month but allows up $1000/month in transactions.


Ok thank you. What happens if we exceed $1000/month?

Not sure, but this is a link to their pricing page with the various levels.

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Ok thanks a lot, indeed I can exceed but it will be more expensive (they charge approx. $50 for each $5,000 of revenue)

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