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When deleting a user from the database, said user can continue moving through the application without account, name, email, etc …

I have a function in the app to delete the account, and it works correctly. When the user is deleted, the user is automatically redirected to the welcome screen for a new registration or login. But deleting it from the database does not redirect. I have tried adding the action on the screen of “when seeing this screen … Link to welcome screen / Sometimes / Only if Loggedinuser is equals to Loggedinuser email”. The problem is that the current user is no longer logged in, that’s why it doesn’t work …

Any idea how this can be solved?

Thank you all!


After spending some time here in the forum, I noticed that many experts advise not to delete records from the database to avoid these kinds of behaviors.

What I suggest you do instead is to add an “update logged in user” action to the delete button, and add a custom formula like rand(1,999) in the email field of the user to remove the user’s email from the database. Also, you can add a logout action and “deleted” true/false to the button.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for the quick answer!

So there is no way I can remove or lock a user from the database being the administrator? This is to have the possibility of being able to eliminate or block a user for inappropriate use, for example, and not be left by the application in ghost mode. It has not happened to me but I have observed that before this possibility, just in case, somehow there must be …

I will continue investigating possibilities.

Thanks a lot!

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You’re welcome @Webea

Oh okay sorry, I didn’t know you wanted to delete users yourself as admin. I just tried it myself and after reloading the page the user was signed out automatically.

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You can try a procedure like this :
Action on Home Screen - Link to Signup if Logged in User - Email - is equal to - emtpy.
I think should works and you can avoid the user app navigation once he delete his account


To make answers more colorful, we can also use true/false method mentioned above to be forced logout, so whenever user interact with screens they are checked for this field.

I made tutorial about forced logout, just search that term.


Thank you very much for the reply!

Unfortunately I already tried it and it didn’t work for me …

Perfect that was my solution… As easy as creating a true / false feature called “admin ban” in users and voila. The user is restricted and is redirected to the welcome screen.

Thanks so much for the help! it was solved!

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