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Hi. Apple does not want to put my application in appstore because now the application has user registration functions, it must also have user removal functions. Is it possible to add a button in the application “remove me from the database” and the application will remove the user from the database?

Yes, a user can delete their own account.
You may also need to provide a way to delete their child records from relationships.
Use countdown timer for say, max 20 records and do it back to front.

1st Essays
2nd Classes
3rd User

Add the action to a button. “Delete Logged in User”


As @Rozza indicates, Adalo has a feature to delete users.

In my app, in the user’s profile screen, I provide an option to delete the account.


Just adding a great post by Flawless besides for Rozza’s and Charles posts! : User delete account - #3 by Flawless

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Hi @waszczuklukasz ,

Another alternative way, would be to change the user’s email into some random numbers (formatted as email), empty the full name, username or any related identifiable fields.

If you want to go further, add boolean field called Deleted and use this to mark all the collections related to this user.

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