Problems with User Login, how to "unregister" a user

I’m working on a simple App with login feature.
I’ve created a user via the sign up method and login worked.
But the Forgot Password Form does not. It always say “An error has occured”
I’ve the deleted the content on my Users collection and tried to create a new user with the same email I used befpre.
Does not work. Now it says the email is already taken.
Is there a way to “unregister” a user other than reste the users table?

Hey there @felix Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

If you’ve deleted the user before logging out, then for some reason, Adalo still thinks you’re logged in. Simply add a logout button and click it in the previewer.

I’d recommend also submitting a ticket any time you see “An error has occurred” as there was something that caused a problem.

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Thanks for the Info! This sounds pretty dodgy :sweat_smile:
I really like the simplicity of the Adalo Editor. But the database stuff …

So now I have logged my user out, then deleted the user from the db and now login does not work with that email (as expected).

But I still can not create a new user with the same email. It just says “email is already taken”.
This is super annoying for testing. :tired_face:

Hi @felix,

This should not be like that. When you delete a user from Users collection, the record should be removed from the database immediately. After that you should be able to create another record with the same email without any problems.

In your case may be the record wasn’t actually deleted. Try to close the app builder and reopen it (and please make sure that you don’t have several tabs of the app builder open), and see if the record is there or not.

If there is no record in Users DB with the email in question, and you’re still not able to create a new record, then it’s a good idea to submit a ticket for this: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks @Victor ! I think the problem is related to the bug with the login-status for deleted users mentioned by @Flawless .

I just found a workaround.
This is what I did to get the my email address “unregistered” and free to use again:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Signup new user in your App
  2. Login with user
  3. Delete the user from the DB


  • Users DB empty.
  • In my app I can not register a new user with the previously used email.
  • I also can not reset the password for the email.
  • So the email address is basically burned for testing …


  1. In my empty Users table I created a new user entry with the address via the database tool.
  2. I signed in my with this new user.
  3. I signed out.
  4. I checked If the password reset function worked → worked again.
  5. I deleted the user from the users table
  6. The email was free to register a new user again

Moral of the story:
Adalo can’t handle deleting a user that is currently logged in.

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I’ve run into this exact same thing before bro.

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Hi @felix @Flawless,

I’ve made a short video for you - here what you can expect from Adalo users signup: adalo forum - users signup flow - short example - YouTube.

As you can see in this video, after I delete a user from the database, I can successfully sign up with the same email from another browser window.
Also, it’s interesting to see what’s happening with the first user after record deletion: you can see that the account is still logged-in, but there is no information about user email and name.
This happens due to the way Adalo works: after successful user credentials check, it creates session token and stores it in a browser storage / app storage. Then app instance (browser / mobile) thinks that user is already logged-in, and it doesn’t automatically check if this user exists in the database or not.
I’m writing all this to explain what logic runs under the hood - app “knowledge” about user login and database contents aren’t always synced.

However, as I’ve said before, this is how Adalo should work, and, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work correctly. So, to here are some advices how you can avoid / debug such cases:

  • do not delete user records from the database unless you’re 100% sure that you know what you’re doing.
    → add a label “welcome USERNAME” to Home screen - this will help a lot in debug
    → if a deleted user is “logged-in”, his app instance will still get him to the home screen. Then he/she can use the app further - however, with unforseen consequences (orphaned records creation, etc.).
    → you can clear the session cache (usually “Clear Cookies and Cache”) to remove all session tokens. This will logout all the users from Adalo apps in this browser.
  • if you delete a user from the database and can’t create a user with the same email again:
    → try to reload the builder and see if the user has been deleted in real
    → try to run API call to Users collection from Postman, for example, to get raw contents
  • if you clearly see there are no users with such email, but you still can’t create a user, then it might be a good idea to submit a ticket about it. However in my experience this issue may fix itself in some time (maybe this is related to database cache or similar).

Hope this was useful.


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Thank you for taking your time to explain this!

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