Reloading a Screen with New Information

Thanks to @Yongki I’ve been able to create a list below a course page that suggests related courses based on keywords.

Next problem: since that list would send people to the screen they’re already on, just with different course information on it, I’m thinking I need to create another screen that is identical to the screen they’re already on but which doesn’t contain the related courses list.

But that feels… clunky.

Is there a way to link to the current screen? To refresh it with new information?

What I want people to be able to do is:

  1. Click on a course
  2. Land on the course screen
  3. Scroll through the “related courses” list on the course screen
  4. Click a related course of interest
  5. Refresh the current screen to reflect their choice

Any unclunky ideas?

Not sure about unclunky.

But you can link to another screen (blank and transparent screen) and do action link back (transition none) at visit screen. There is a slight movement that might be seen by user.


Can you clarify a bit here @Yongki? You’re saying link to a blank screen, make it transparent, and make that screen link back to the previous screen automatically? How do I make the blank screen link back automatically? I didn’t realize that was a link type.

This did work @Yongki, but there’s one problem. If they click back on the “refreshed” screen, they are sent to the blank screen, which sends them forward again. So it puts them in a loop where they cannot go back. :frowning:

Where do you put link to blank screen ?

Alternatively, you can use input field (later hidden) as a switch for countdown (put in visibility) to link to blank screen and reset the input field at the visit screen action, but this will give more delay.

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