Relationship Problems

I have relationship problems- my wife is tired of me spending all my free time on Adalo. She wants to know when my app will start making money. :slight_smile:

No really, here’s the issue:

I have Users who are related to Contracts. A User can have one Contract and a Contract can have many Users. Any user with a Contract can add another user to their Contract (ie invite). But, I can’t figure out how to allow a user to leave the Contract and empty the properties for that Contract record which correspond to the user who left.

Maybe I need to change the relationship to be many to many? Or create two relationships between Users and Contracts, more like follower/following? ie Join a Contract and Leave a Contract?

Yes this is a tricky problem that requires kind of a hacky workaround. You’ll want to create another 1 Contract to Many Users relationship called “Reset Contract” then anytime a user leaves, you will reset the user’s actual contract field to equal the “Logged In User’s > Reset Contract”

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thanks @pfordmedia will try this and report back

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