Relation Issues

Hey Adalo Community,

I have multiple databases with multiple relations. For some reason, when I work on an app for a period of time, the database relations don’t pull through to newer screens anymore.

When I build a fresh, but simpler version of the same concept in a new app, the issue is resolved. In other words, the error is not with my relations setup.

For example, I have a MuliSelect Dropdown that allows the user to choose multiple cities. During the setup, when it’s time for me to select the “+ Add Action”, then “Update”, then the “*CURRENT Business” Database, the Database’s name does not appear???

I want to update the “Business Database” in this example as it requires the city names, however, the relevant sheet name does not pull through.

I have attached two images:

  1. Screenshot of the app with the issue
  2. Screen shot of new app without issue

I don’t want to restart building the same app every time this happens.

Has anybody experienced this issue? Please help.

So in the first screenshot you don’t get the data you need. Try checking on screen property under data and then check screen linking. Actually I’m working on kind of similar thing (multiselect for cities etc)

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Hey Eugen, thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! I noticed that I had one of the Tabs on my Home screen directly connected to the screen that contains the MultiSelect Dropdown. Once I removed this link from the home page, it solved the problem. The MulltiSelect Dropdown needed data from the previous screen to work.

Thanks again!

Glad It helped you! Good luck with your apps :wink:

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