Relational DB based links are NOT showing data on new Linked Screen on PWA. Old Native App is still OK

Urgent Issue:

All PWA users are facing this issue, started about 24 Hours ago.

I am facing issues where all PWA users, showing missing data when a user clicks Screen-A, and link is connected with Screen-B, and on Screen-B data from relational database link was supposed to display, but it is missing (showing missing data)

This isssue started

only on PWA.

I have users using old Native App, and it is working fine on those devices (no relational DB linkage issue).

I tried to restore that old version from Adalo saved versions, but now it was even more worst on PWA. So reversed back to my current version on PWA, and still facing this issue.

Hi @k86305,

By new linked screen means you added a new screen and deleted the already linked screen and linked the list to the new screen? If you did that did you refreshed the PWA version to check that?

Are you sure that records relationship property is not empty?

And is it possible to share a screenshot of the Screen A list and action attached to it and Screen B available data section and a component populated by current data?

This happens when checking it on Browser or checking it with added version to the phone? ( PWA )

Did you also Submitted a support ticket?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera ,

The DB is still old (contains old records), and links are still working fine in NATIVE App. But on the PWA relational DB links are not working.

So I believe, Adalo team has recently done something which changed logics, and that affected current state of ADALO. And since PWA always opens latest state of software, therefore only latest PWA is affected and Native Apps are still OK becuase they are using old code (screens + logic).

This is serious issue, as I cannot create a new Native App Version, becuase this issue will affect new Native app users as well.

On the other hand, all PWA users are affected.

This is a serious issue , and I think Adalo core development team must have found it and given some timeline for its fix.


You still see it? Did you submitted a support ticket? I also informed the team but unfortunately they don’t work on weekend so need to stay a bit until they come online.

Yes I have opened the ticket with support team already.