Relationship not working

I have a pretty simple setup which doesn’t appear to work.
I have 3 databases:

The user database. Each user can have multiple ships, but a ship belongs to 1 user.

A ships database. Each ships belongs to one user and each ship can have multiple appointments.

And an appointment database. Each appointment belongs to one ships and thus indirectly belongs to one user.

What I want is to show a list of appointments to the user. It all seems pretty easy to do. Like you see here:

Just get a list of appointments from the ship that belongs to this user.

The result is this:

empty as you can see, even tho there should be 1. I have no clue how to fix this. It seems like everything should work fine right??

Thanks for your time!

No one has a clue where to start solving this?

Hi @DylanS,

Reg. where to start solving this - you could try the following:

  • when you remove the Logged-in User filter from the list (display “All appointments”) - are they displayed?
  • as a check: could you place the label with logged-in user email, to see that user is logged-in?

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks! If I remove the filter it does show all the appointments!
The user wasn’t logged in! Which is weird I think, since I registered and I was on the Home Screen, which should only show when you are logged in right?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @DylanS,

Seems you’re facing the same issue/bug like me and some other users - user session “disappears” for some reason…
You could try clearing browser cache and cookies - may be this will help.

Best regards, Victor.

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