Colllection fields not shown in actions

Hi there,

this will be my first real application, hope to pass the experience well.

I add a collection which is act as a break the link between two tables: ex:

Table1 : users:
Table2: tasks

Table 3 collect the tasks for each user under date:
therefore we user:
from Table 1: user mail
from table 2: the task name

and add two values from a list

but when I try to add action to list .and this list to add usertask record . i didn’t find all columns for table3


@Victor , @theadaloguy , @James_App_Maker

Hi Ahmed, can you provide screenshots of your setup? Will make it easier to understand your situation.

Thanks @theadaloguy for your time and reply:
this is the screen and the tables

The Idea:

  • BadTasks & GoodTasks tables: are just list of tasks
  • users: when the user create good thing i add 1 in the column “totalUserGood”
  • user tasks: this table is to list all the history of the user regarding any action he did
  • all the tables relation in many to many

the problem ( in the first picture)

  • this list will shows the good task and when the user did this task (by click on the task) i need to do two things :slight_smile:
  1. add 1 to the sum of the totalusergood in user table : this success to do it
  2. add this action in the UserTasks table to create history for him this is the problem

UserTask table includes 5 columns but the action on the list does not show all the columns


I think you might only need 2 tables here. Users, and tasks.

One to many relationship so a user can have many tasks but a task can only have one user.

Each task can be labelled as Good or Bad (text field).

Each task has a true/false property for 'completed.

Each task has a completed date.

Then you can use ‘count feature’ to display how many tasks there are. Filtering by ‘good’ or ‘completed’ etc.

I can take a look at your app if you don’t mind giving me access?

Sure, it’s my pleasure