Remove the "audio" setting from the UIBackgroundModes key

Does anyone know how to remove the “audio” setting from the UIBackgroundModes key, without removing any components. The audio feature and playback audio feature does not work well and im unable to submit unless I remove that.

Does anyone know what this means ?
Can anyone help me?


Can anybody out there offer some expertise, Adalo has yet to respond to me :frowning_face:

This has to be handled by Adalo team since they’re building the IPA for us. This parameter is turned on by default in XCode during the build generation process, it has to be turned off if you’re not having audio component in the app.

I guess they would have already be aware of it, @Colin any inputs?

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Hey ! Thank You!!!

I tried removing all of the audio components that i saw hoping that the setting would be removed automatically. I resubmitted again so we’re going to see if that works lol if not i may have to contact someone !

I will have to double-check this with the team to find out what would be the cause of this and how to overcome it.

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Colin ,
I removed all the audio components and today still revived a rejection message. I’m so confused i don’t know what to do, It would be nice to hear back from someone at Adalo but i still haven’t heard anything back from them in 24 hours, It really just worries me if there’s a real problem , i have no way to contact anyone from there except an email which they take days to respond smh

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you !! Made me feel a little better! I thought it was something I was doing, I was unsure! Thanks though, I just gotta wait for someone to respond back I guess.
It’s the only thing i can do.

Cheers! We’re helping each other here. :wink:

Factsss it’s all love here that’s why i love it !

Does anyone know if it’s possible to remove the audio key from a preexisting finished build?

If anyone knows how to do that im interested in learning so I could remove it myself.

Just an update on my side. I’m trying to reproduce this and went through the same submission process but my app was not rejected.

It can sometimes be hard to reproduce these things when Apple’s rejection process is so hit and miss. We have not forgotten the issue but this may take longer than usual to address due to the nature of it.

@buddygoat Did they give you the same rejection case for when you resubmitted without any audio components? That would be very strange.

By reproduce, do you mean you copied the code into a new editors file? If so, should i just do that? And @Colin thank you so much, i’m v nervous over here!

They gave me the same rejection after I removed all the components in my editors and even uninstalled it in the marketplace.


Yea @Colin i just submitted it again, and received another rejection. It’s so weird, i looked over my editors app so many times but they’re still saying my audio key is still not removed. Hopefully you can fix it for me! :sob::pray:t4:

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