COME ON Adalo: address the Audio and Text Issues once and for all

My app, Drunken English, was just rejected by Apple because of something to do with “audio setting from the UIBackgroundModes key” [see quote for full Apple response.]

The audio is a minor element in the app and I have no problem getting rid of it BUT should I have to? Moreover, it brings up some bigger issues:

  • First of all why hasn’t this been addressed once and for all FFS!!!?
  • Second of all, the audio and the text handling capabilities of Adalo are absolute shite, are well known and well-documented and are ABSOLUTELY critical unless Adolo wants to be relegated to the scrap heap of good bad ideas.

This issue was discussed at length nearly 2 years ago here: Forum Discussion

Guideline 2.5.4 - Performance - Software Requirements

Your app uses background audio to keep the app alive in the background and/or for audio alerts.

Next Steps

The audio key is intended for use by apps that provide audible content to the user while in the background, such as music player or streaming audio apps. Please revise your app to provide audible content to the user while the app is in the background or remove the “audio” setting from the UIBackgroundModes key.

We look forward to reviewing your revised app.

Best regards,
App Store Review

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