Remove the Logged-in User from Multiple Collections

I have an Adalo app where a task is completed by adding a user to the task. I then check to see if the logged-in user is connected to the task and if so the checkmark is filled in (meaning complete).

This works great and when they uncheck a task it removes the user from the task and the green filled in checkmark becomes a grey checkmark that is outlined.

The problem is when a user is finished with the tasks, I want them to be able to “Reset” their progress for the next time by removing the logged-in user from each task?

It’s like a repeatable tracker, so my question is how do I remove the user from all the tasks all at once? Is there a bulk action or a way to on button click fire off a few update/remove functions of some sort?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and maybe there is a better way to do this, either way thank you in advance!

Drew Parker

Hi @drewpark,

Could you please explain a bit more?

It’s a bit unclear what you would like to achieve. In the 2nd paragraph you say that they can remove themselves from the task successfully, but then you say that you can’t remove them from the tasks?

There are some workarounds to do bulk operations, but it’s not clear for me if that’s really needed :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Sorry, let me clarify. Yes, they can add/remove themselves to each task to “complete” it and has an overall progress tracker so when they finish 30 tasks I don’t want them to have to go back and uncheck each task, I just want to have a button to reset their progress by removing from all tasks and not just one at a time. Thanks for your help @Victor!

Hi @drewpark,

Ok, now I get it better. But why would you like to reset the progress? Are these tasks “repeatable”?

Otherwise I can’t imagine the whole process. As I imagine, “Task” is something which has beginning and end, and should be performed by some user. So each “Task” has statuses: unassigned (1), assigned and not completed (2), and completed (3). And after completing the task it is stored forever in the archive but never touched again.
Or in your concept it is diffrerent?

Apologies for asking so many questions - just want to find the best solution :slight_smile:

It’s universal tasks that are the same for all users and the task lists are repeatable, once I can figure out how to reset. The reason I add the user to the task is so I can show progress for individual users and not globally so that when john logs in and checks a few items off then bobby won’t see his tasks checked off. All I really want to do is have a button that removes the user from all the tasks they have been added to when they clicked the checkbox next to the task (which adds them to the “users” relationship on that task so I can check to see if it’s completed … this part works already, just need a way to bulk remove the user from all tasks instead of going back to click all of them)

You could make this bulk reset via countdown timer trick. The tutorial for mass update of the records in the list is here:

You could implement the same logic - upon pressing a button, direct user to a separate page with the list of tasks, and then create a timer-based action to update each task accordingly.

You’ll not be able to store the history of task completion though, but as I understand you don’t have such requirements.


This is super helpful, thanks so much @Victor! Just what I needed, this should do the trick :slight_smile:

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