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I think I must be going crazy because I’ve seen multiple tutorials where this has been implemented but I must be missing something. I have a login flow that allows a new user to join a team (to participate in group chats amongst other team based features). A user can only belong to one team but a team can obviously have multiple users. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to remove a user from a team once they’ve joined. My thought was to implement this in two ways: 1) Allow the user to remove themselves from the team and 2) Allow a team admin to remove users. For option 1 I put a button on the user’s profile page but under Update action there isn’t the Add or Remove option like I’ve seen in tutorials. For option 2 I created a list view of all active users belonging to a team and was going to use the Right section in the list to remove the user from the team but again the Add or Remove option isn’t showing up. What did I miss?!
Option 1

Option 2

i’ve been having a very similar issue and wondering where i went wrong as i’m also not seeing the option to Add/Remove user from group/team via action so i anticipate the resolve.

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In option 1, if “current team” is not available on that screen, this will not work. You may need to make this button a list of teams, filtered to user’s teams to make that work, but that won’t work if a user can belong to multiple teams.

Option 2 - Try an Update “current Team” action rather than current user, and then in the add or remove you should see a “current user” option. In the below screenshot example, “events” would represent team in your use case.

Hi @ben1,

I tried adding a list to option 1 and filtering like you suggested but I still am not getting the Add or Remove actions that you are showing in your screenshot… :frowning:

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