Replace local user database by user collection on airtable

Hi !

I wondered if it was possible to have only one user database from an external collection like Airtable ?

(instead of having the local adalo database + a user airtable database)

Right now, for the user to login, I use the local database and sync with the airtable user database. But it’d be simpler just with the airtable user database.

Thanks !!

Airtable does not provide you user authentication, without that it is not possible.

An alternate solution would be to use @xano which does user authentication and provides a nocode backend for you.

Checkout their videos on recently launched external collections to know how to connect external users to Adalo.

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Ok thanks, I’ll have a look at xano then !

Let us know if you have any questions!!

What @bhanu said is correct. Airtable cannot distinguish a logged in user, so it cannot work.

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