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Good day.

I would like to have a form filled out on my app to be sent to an email address. It’s a “Request call back” form, so when the user fills it in and submits it, I receive an email with the info from the form.

How do I go about to have this in my app?



Hi @lourensvdberg,

The easiest way to do it would be with Custom Actions. You need to sign-up on some transactional email provider platform, something like SendInBlue or SendGrid, and then create a custom action for “Form Submit” button.
I would recommend reading this help section: Custom Actions - Adalo Resources

Best regards, Victor.

Hi! @Victor

Thank you for the quick response.

I will have a look again - what I have taken from those two platforms is that I can only use it to send the subscriber / customer an email and the other way around like I would like to.

Will reply on here when I get it or if I’m still struggling.

Have a good day.

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So I figured it out…
I first created a webviewer screen in my project, then used Integromat with Webhooks (whose url I used for the weviewer) and Mailgun.

I integrated Webhooks in integromat and then linked mailgun with the webhooks.

So when someone fills out the form, it triggers the webhooks in integromat and then sends the info to my specified email address with Mailgun.

It’s actually much easier than it sounds and you may think it is.

Have a good week.

Hi @lourensvdberg,

Well in theory for some email services providers you could even get rid from Integromat, but rather push the message directly to the service :wink:


Hello @Victor

I literally came right with SendinBlue about 30 minutes ago, to send transactional emails for the call back request button… so I already scrapped the Integromat method lol…

I am still using integromat with Mailgun where I need to receive photos via email (I receive them via url code) but I believe I can do it in a simpler manner without Integromat and Mailgun, But I am still on the hunt for the solution.

Have a good day.

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