Request help with the chart

i would like to get the effect like pic below and can’t handle it. Is it even possible?? I would be very grateful for your help…

Hi Artur, welcome to the community.

Not sure you can achieve what you are suggesting but you can add the totals to the top of the bars which may help? You can do this by clicking on styles and selecting ‘Toggle Y labels’ and this will add the totals.

2021-02-10_09h57_13 image

Thank you for your answer. I was considering the option you write about. However, the most important thing for me is the line chart and the upward or downward trend, and with my values ​​at the level of numbers in the range of 3380 - 3400, the chart becomes illegible and the line looks horizontal on the chart. For example, the value at 06:00 is 3382, at 07:00 it is 3384, and at 08:00 it is 3386. With such large numbers my trend looks like a horizontal line.

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