Restaurant card won't respect lateral edge spaces

Hi there respectful users

I’ve been trying to leave some space right and left of this restaurant photo group, yet when I share it or try to visualize it, it’s fully widely extended, even if I drag it purposely to the right or something, the platform “fix it” extending it to fill the screen, could someone help me?

Thank you for your time!

Hi Eduardo,

I am actually having this same issue with custom lists in my app. I talked to @Colin in the beginning about it in my app, but now it seems like it’s for some makers using custom lists.

I would just submit a support ticket. :slight_smile:

Okay James, thank you very much for your time!


I cannot replicate your issue.

Hi @Yongki,

This issue is only with custom lists. :slight_smile:

Top is custom list.

Bottom is simple list.

Both are the same, in preview and in editor

Just checked my apps - not having this issue with custom lists.

@Erik @Yongki seems like it’s only not working for some people.

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