Retrieve db before login?

Hello, how can I archive the following. I want to show profile image before user logging in again.

like in this ui design

This you have to make Logged IN User>Profile Picture on the log in screen.

Just add a image and then “What is this image for” its for Logged In User>Profile Picture, If you want to add ALT image do this “Choose place holder Image” and add place holder. :slight_smile:

I believe @pushingpandas is looking for something different. He is looking to show a user profile picture BEFORE a user logs in.

Unfortunately this is not currently possibly with Adalo as this would need a local offline storage solution that stores the image on your device and then the app calls the image based on the device and not the database.

There is a feature request for offline storage and you can vote for it here Offline Support | Voters | Adalo then maybe one day what you need will be possible with Adalo.


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