Use localstorage database

Is there any way to use local storage on user smartphone with adalo?

When we develop native apps in adalo, we first have to log in, which causes users to leave early and we would like to solve this problem.

That is why I asked about using local storage, but if anyone knows of any other solutions, could you please let me know?

The app we are developing is a diary app, so a simple key-value store is fine for the database.

I found this component when I looked it up myself, but it does not seem to have been released yet.

You don’t need local storage for this feature. You can have a true/false parameter for the users called “Onboarding Complete”

When a user has registered, set the default value of the Onboarding Complete parameter to “False”.

You can then direct the users back to your onboarding screen with a condition on the action.

For example:

Sign up action > Link to onboarding screen

Login action > Link to onboarding screen (if logged-in user > onboarding complete > is false) & Link to home (if logged-in user > onboarding complete > is true).

You can add a countdown timer to your home screen with the visibility settings sometimes when logged-in user > onboarding complete > is false to link the user back to the onboarding process if they have not completed it.

On the last step of your onboarding sequence, update the logged-in user’s onboarding complete parameter to true.

Hi Flawless .
Thanks for suggesting a solution.
However, I apologize for not understanding the intent of the question.

The intent of the question is to use localstorage to reduce the number of users leaving the site due to user signup.

Therefore, localstorage is needed to store data without signup.

You can generate a temp user data (email/password/name) and login in behalf of the user as a temporary account to store the needed information, and once decided to create a real user then sign-out and redirect to signup screen

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@DaBoo did this in his app and user’s don’t need to put the details to signup.

You can check the app here : Drunken English: Second App Finished

You can have a screen like welcome screen ( the screen that user see first ) and add a button and add the Signup action and fill the email,password and id ( a number property ) fields with values.

For the email you can add like user,guest and you can add custom formula that you can add all users > max +1 inside it ( you need a number property on the Users collection like ID to get max ) and you can add ( , ) For the password you can add guest with that all users max formula. And you can add a link action to Home screen. After if the user needs to update the profile you can add a form with the Update Logged in user option.

You can check this topic created by Colin too : Guest to User flow tutorial

Thank you

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Sorry for the delay in thanking you.
I still can’t use local storage, so I have to manipulate the database on the developer’s side.
Thank you very much.

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Sorry for the delay in thanking you.
Thank you for giving me some specifics on how to do this!
It certainly doesn’t put a burden on the user this way, so it looks like the abandonment rate will go down.
I implemented it right away!
Thanks for your response!

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