Image picker - keep photo once logged in?


Does anyone know how I can keep the user’s picture once they are logged in so that they don’t need to upload it each time?

Thank you!

Hi @angela,

Image picker is used to upload images. After you upload the image, you need to save it so that you can access it later.
Images could be saved into the collections’ property in the database, property type is “image”. So what you need to do in your case:

  • add a property to Users collection, call it “Avatar”, select property type “Image”
  • on some screen after user login, add an image picker
  • on the same screen, add the button and call it “Save avatar”
  • add an action for this button, to Update Logged-In User → Avatar and take the value from Image Picker.


Didn’t understood clear your mind. You want that for example profile page pic was always in profile screen and in this case no need to download it? If yes, actually personaly I know only one technique and I am using it, which helps in this case - it’s calling ‘cach’. Principle of it’s work is simple - when first time user cames to screen, image Url is downlowed form DB and it’s ‘cached’. Second time, when you will came to same screen, won’t be any call to DB and image will be be shown immediately let’s say from ‘cach’, without any call to database. And this technique saves a lot of resources and makes app perfomance really great. For example you can ‘cach’ post’s and etc and user will see ‘cached’ posts even in that case if he won’t have internet conection:) Very powerfull thing. I have bigg doubts that you can use this techique in Adalo.

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