Returning values from my Collection

Hi all

Very new to Adalo, i’m currently trying to simply generate a box (or something similar) where I can pick up a value from my Collection.

For example, I have a Course collection which is a list of places, each of which have a value. The User selects the Course using a dropdown, what i need is to be able to return the corresponding value within the Course collection.

Many thanks!

Hi! What do you want to use that value for? You should be able to use the values (from magic text or other areas) by selecting “Form Inputs > Select > [field name]”. You can then also use these values in actions, etc.

Here’s an example app where you can do that:

Great, thank you for the quick reply that works a treat!

In addition to this, i was wondering if its possible to conditionally ‘hide’ certain options on a Form.

For example, my form currently has 4 options where the user enters data. The Form can have 3 specific Types, if it is Type 1 or 3 then we want to display all options, if it is Type 2 then we want to display only 3 of the options.