How to disable a dropdown in adalo

I have a dropdown on my adalo website which is populated from a collection. By default, I am selecting a pre-populated value in it. I dont want user to change any value in this dropdown. I want to disable the dropdown. How can I disable it? If dropdown is not the right component then which other component can be used to populate value and disable it.

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Good question. I would love if adalo could add Enable/Disabled as a custom action/logic in the backend for creators.


it would get tedious but the solution i can come up for this would be creating another unique collection in the database for this dropdown.
then when you create a dropdown you can select this set of collection.

Another solution:
create a rectangle that looks like dropdown. and it should not do anything.
create a list below that dropdwon which you want anyway!

am i making sense? let me know!

This is what I want my form to look like. Area and Area weight fields should be disabled. Textboxes cannot be populated from collections and there is no way to populate dropdown and then disable it for user selection. Very basic thing, but seems like a limitation of adalo.

Maybe a dumb question, but if it’s pre-populated, why do you need it to be a dropdown?

It can be a textbox as well, but the issue is I cannot populate textbox. So, as a workaround, I have found a solution. I have created a dropdown and have applied 2 filters to show just 1 value in the dropdown. Its still enabled, no way to disable the dropdown but since it has only one value so user cannot change anything in it. So, works for me. Will close this thread now. Thanks for your response and interest guys!

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